It's A New Year... So What Are You Going to do with Your Digital Pictures?


For many people the answer to the question, "What are you going to do with all those digital pictures?" is “nothing."

Your digital pictures are spread out between cameras, phones, and computers, rarely to be seen and enjoyed. But let's change that.

I’ve started this blog to help people get more use out of their digital pictures. So let's start with talking about all of the great things you can make with your digital pictures. Let's get the creative juices flowing and maybe I can motivate you to get your pictures organized! (I'll have following posts that will cover more of the “how tos," so stay-tuned for that!)

There are so many different things that you can do with your pictures. My favorite thing is to create a digital photo book. I miss photo albums, but definitely like the fact that I don’t have to print out pictures anymore. These books look so much more polished, they are sturdier and thinner, and you can add copy to them. They are a perfect combination of a photo album and scrapbook.

The photo books can feature many things like a big trip, a big event, “a year in the life of," or a whole life to commemorate a major birthday or anniversary. Often these books will incorporate pre-digital days but don't worry. You can scan any old film photos yourself or send them to a professional scanning service to digitize them.

You can also create wall art. There are several formats that you can choose from, including canvas, foam core, poster, or a simple blow-up. There a many size options and you can feature one or several photos on these formats. I’ve created several sizes of collages that cover different seasons to decorate my walls.

Cards and calendars are also fun things to create with your digital photos. People are creating more than Christmas cards these days. There are cards for every holiday, plus thank you cards, announcement cards, etc., that all of your relatives and friends would love to get in the mail.

But the most important thing to know about doing these project is if you're photos aren't organized, you can't do anything.

In the next post will talk about how to get started.

About me: I’m a stay-at-home mom of two who has recently taken my hobby and turned it into my new business Digi-Gals here in Danville. I offer all of the above services to those of you who are strapped for time. For more information please visit my website


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