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How do I get you the pictures?

This depends.  If you are local I can go to your computer and work from that or I can save them to a flash drive or log into your photo site(s) to work on from my office.  

If you are using more than 100 non-digital pictures that need to be scanned we have a relationship with an out-of-house scanning company called ScanCafe that I can help you prepare and send out or direct you on how to do on your own.

How long do photo books usually take you?

This depends on the breadth of the project and on how many projects I have ahead of yours. The goal is a 2 week turn-around, but this may be longer for bigger projects that entail extras like scanning or a lot of design and copy. With that said, I typically average 2-4 hours for the first 100 pages of a photo book depending on the quantity of photos. Note that this is once any necessary prep-work of basic clean up and organizing has been done. The time it takes for the clean up and organizing also depends on the number of photos.

Do you print the books?

No, I use sites like Blurb to create the books for you. Once you've approved them on-line via a link that I send you I will order them for you and include that cost on my invoice. (They often run promos and the book author has to place the order to receive the promo).

Do I get to review the book and provide edits/changes?

Yes! Once I finish the first draft I will send you the link to review it. You can then provide feedback re: the overall look and feel, changes, or additional copy you would like to see (by page), and any other changes you'd like re: the pictures chosen and location of them. It's not done until you are 100% happy with the product.

How do you do the copy?

In our initial consultation for the project we'll gather key information like names, big events, trips, etc. I will then add copy as it corresponds to the pictures for the first draft. When you review the first draft you can provide changes and additional copy you want to see by page. ie. on pg. 6 please add "Your classmate Haley's 6th Birthday Party".

Do I have to live in the Bay Area to use your services?

No! We can discuss what you're looking for over the phone or via email. You can mail your photos on a flash drive or I can access them on-line and take it from there. 

I am interested in other digital photo products like videos, calendars and cards. Do you do any of those?

Yes! I can create any of those items for you. 

What sites do you use for photo sharing and creating the photo products?

This depends. If you already use a photo sharing site and you've already done the work of uploading your photos to it I'd likely use that site unless you'd like to try something new. I don't want to create any unneeded work or costs for you or I. If they aren't uploaded anywhere I've been using a program called Blurb for books and prefer Google Photos for storing and sharing pictures.

However, if you are wanting a lot of page design or more of a "theme" Blurb doesn't provide as strong of an offering so I'd likely use a different program like Shutterfly. And, if you have a coupon or discount at a site that you would like to use for your book I will use that site.


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