Digital Photo Books are so much better than the old photo albums we all grew up with. They don't take up as much space and won't fall apart or fade as much.

There are many different themes you can make a book for, some ideas include:

- Annual ("a year in the life of")

- A special event (graduation, new baby, wedding, etc.)

- A big trip

- A holiday or season

- "The road home" for adopted children

- A birthday or anniversary "life book"

Some projects like anniversary or birthday books will likely include old film photos. I can scan up to 100 photographs but if there are more than that I will have you send the photos out to our preferred professional scanning service ScanCafe (or I can carry out that process for you).

I can work with you to create digital photo books that you or the recipient will truly treasure. If you already have your pictures uploaded to a photo site we will likely use that site to create your book(s), otherwise we will use a book-making site called Blurb. You will just need to provide me with the photos (usually on a flash drive that we can provide), and I will take it from there.

First we will go through the photos to make some basic edits (mosty cropping and red eye fixes). When we are ready to create the book, you will choose the size and determine if you want a hard or soft cover. You will also provide direction re: the style you'd like (clean and simple, more design like a scrapbook, the amount of copy you'd like, etc.).

Once the first draft is done you will receive the link to review it. You can then provide any feeback and changes you would like to see. We will proceed with this review process until you are completely satisfied and then you will receive the final link for you to order your book(s).