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I am thrilled to announce that after almost 8 years of marriage, Chris and I will finally have an album of wedding photos in hand very shortly. As many of you know, we suffer from "Triple P" (perfectionist procrastinator's paralysis) and would never have been able to cull the 3000 digi shots into an album without the services of Nichole at Digi-Gals. If you also suffer from Triple P I highly recommend Digi-Gals! (I'm already planning my next project with them...).

- S. Padnick

Got the books yesterday! LOVE THEM! I had three large photo books made that were over the span of 3 years each; one for each of my sons and one for my husband and I. I am extremely happy with the end result. I am a busy working mom that was always looking for the time to organize my pictures and actually do something with them. I knew at some point that I wanted to make photo books but with my work hard/play hard life style I just never found the time.

I am grateful to have something off my 'to do' list but I am much happier with what I received. Nichole made my books with style, fun & heart. She was easy to work with, professional & intuitive. Needless to say I will be having each year done by Digi-Gals going forward. It is a treasure to have & fun to show off!

-C. Nicoll

I recently used Digi-Gals for a family genealogy type of project that was daunting enough in terms of organization and identification where I felt too overwhelmed to do it myself. I basically presented a paper bag full of family photos dating back to the early 1900s and Digi-Gals turned the bag of photos into a beautiful keepsake book for my family. They scanned, identified and took note of writing on the back of the photos and built a family tree based on piecing together names on the photos. Every step of the way they checked in with me regarding names and relationships on the family tree they had built to ensure that the details were correct. It was amazing how accurate they were with building a family tree of ancestors from a pile of photos.

The end result is a wonderful book and now I have all the family photos from my mother’s side of the family scanned and easily accessible. I can’t say enough good things about the level of care, attention and detail Digi-Gals uses when working on complicated projects. - Lee H.

I have had two books done by Nichole at Digi-gals and can't express enough how much a relief it is to get my photos into a book. Not only does Nichole take the time to get to know what your goals and objectives are, she has come to my house to help me trouble-shoot downloading issues, amongst other time-consuming computer-related problems. (Which is the main reason I had been holding on to my photos for so long). Now that the photos are in a book, (and of course saved elsewhere), I can free up space on my ever-filling hard drive.

I used to scrapbook like crazy, but now that I have two children I don't have the time to make duplicate scrapbooks. Plus, my husband is happy that I haven't taken over the dining room table, where I would normally have all my scrapbooking supplies spread out! Now, I have Nichole make a book and order two so the kids each have one. I also order extra copies for the grandparents for Christmas and one for the coffee table!

I look forward to making more books with Nichole as she is fun to work with and super organized. - Michelle I.

Digi-Gals saved my marriage! Well, okay, that is an exaggeration, but my husband has mentioned more than once that it would be nice not to have my 3 huge bins of old photos taking up valuable storage space. So, I called upon Nichole at Digi-Gals to help me organize my life in photos. We started with my baby book (through age 6), and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is simple in terms of design, based on Nichole’s recommendation, but includes enough dates and names to provide super memories. Nichole helped me sort through the bins - which required plenty of patience - and provided me with a plan. I just handed off my “college days” photos and have a little organization to do before Nichole can start working on my “high school days” and “after college days”. I am so thrilled to know that I will soon have all of these photos in digital format and beautiful albums to share with my children. - Erin H.

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